WE work together with a few NGO’s

We feel it is important to give you some more background information about the NGO’s that we partner with in Jo’burg and in the Jo’burg area. One of them was the Sithand’Izingane Care project. Unfortunately the NGO cancelled in 2019 the partnership with Sisiza-Ukusiza and also other sponsors and partners, but their story also tells the story of almost all other townships in the area. It is located in the middle of the triangle: Tsakane – Langa Ville – KwaThema in the East Rand – Johannesburg.

Langa Ville started as an informal settlement, without any services. There was no water, no electricity and no roads. In recent years, this gradually improved. Now there is access to water, there are public toilets and a paved roads. Also there is a brand new shopping mall as part of the plan to upgrade the township. Als the soccer stadium and the multi purpose centre recently opened their doors. But unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems.  The population is growing so fast that there are no exact figures available. The latest Sensus in South Africa in 2012 indicates that approximately 270,000 people are likely to live in this area, but actual figures could be up to 750,000 or more.


As a result of high unemployment rates, many households are struggling to keep their head above water.

Unfortunately, the majority of women are still economically depending on their husbands or fathers of their children. Sanitary facilities are available but for communal use and people struggle to maintain proper hygiene. In addition, many residents are infected with HIV / AIDS, leading to even more problems. Free medication is available, but there is still a big taboo on the illness. However, at this point in time, many people struggle for their -day to day- needs, and there is still a long way to go. …