who are we?

The founders of Sisiza-Ukusiza Pty Ltd – We help to help – South Africa are Maarten Bollen and his wife Anke. Both travelled since 1990 to South Africa and Anke was even a few years earlier in Pretoria for her internship during her studies at the HTS – road and water engineering. And when you have been travelling so often to this fascinating country, you get addicted to it, or as South Africans will tell you:

... “Once Africa is in your blood and in your vessels it will never leave you alone” …

Maarten worked for several years in healthcare and eventually as production manager for several major theater companies and festivals in the Netherlands. In 2007 both traveled for Anke’s work for RHDHV – Netherlands to South Africa and Maarten became involved in the Sithand’Izingane Care project Tsakane – KwaThema township. First as a volunteer working with the covers of books and the creation of the school library, but over the years, slowly increasing in other parts of the organization. Today he works as part of the management, provides training and workshops in the field of education, management, is board member since 2015, and responsible for fundraising. Also running the Youth Centre is part of his work.

Anke still works for the RHDHV engineering company in the Netherlands and South Africa .

Since 2013, Maarten started with the launch of SISIZA UKUSIZA – We help to help – the company that works in close cooperation with the SITHAND’IZINGANE CARE PROJECT at the Youth Development Project, in which we try to bring young people through work experience and internship back into the workforce. The volunteer program for the Sithand’Izingane project is also organised by Sisiza-Ukusiza.

In 2014, we started setting up our own VOLUNTEER HOUSE 10-minute drive from the Sithand’Izingane project. The house is the place where our volunteers, students and overnight guests meet after work. Maarten, is the “host” for our guests, students and volunteers, and the coach for the youth of the Tsakane – KwaThema township.