How does Sisiza Ukusiza work?  

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to get to know Johannesburg; the township and our projects.

Just a short visit?

Are you visiting South Africa and e.g interested in visiting the Sithand’Izingane care project or another NGO during your trip, alone, with friends or with your family. Come and stay for the night at our  Volunteer house. The next day you will visit the Sithand’Izingane care project and the Womens Kopanang Trust.

We provide transportation, safe, clean and simple accommodation, meals, and a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.

Lending a hand a bit longer?


Individual volunteers:

Many people think about going abroad to do volunteer work and never get to it. That’s a pity because it is a once in a lifetime experience. Sisiza Ukusiza – we help to help – and the NGO’s that we work together are always in need of an extra pair of hands. Anyone over 18 years is welcome. With or without working experience. Tell us when you want to come, how long you would like to stay, and tell us about your background, interests and work experience. Together we make a plan. And of course we will help you with the preparations, we pick you up at the airport, we provide local support, housing, transport, meals, excursions etc, but keep in mind that we are not a travel agency. We will share our knowledge with you if you prefer to travel.

You will definitely have a great time and more importantly, the project as a whole and specifically our youth can benefit a lot from your commitment.  

Internship, practical year or research study:

During almost every course or study an internship or a final research project is required. In the past 10 years, several local and international students successfully completed their graduation research program or internship with us. You determine with us and with your school or University your internship goals and / or graduate research program. Together we make a personal customized plan to suit your requirements and we offer individual support from experienced international professionals.

A practical year / internship is very different from a general volunteer trip.

During the preparation process, we will help you to prepare a personal program. Depending on your study direction you will work at the Sithand’Izingane care project or in an associated organization, like clinics, hospital or school. Together we will make a personal customized plan. We also provide professional local support and of course we arrange good, safe and clean accommodation. A-once-in-a-life-time experience.

Also with an appropriate research assignment for a batchelor or master’s program at the college or University you are more than welcome. Do you have ideas about a study or research program in one of our projects or a research program in the township please contact us and together “we make a plan.”

Break or “gap year”.

 Take a break after high-school and take time to travel? Or just take time to think about your future and further education? Perhaps you are interested to work as an international volunteer in the mean time. You gain work experience, learn about different cultures and work in a different environment, whilst we can always use some support.

Short and long term opportunities:

You decide how you want to do your volunteer work, practical year, internship, break year, gap year orresearch. You also decide how long you would like to stay. We prefer a minimum period of 4 weeks, but depending on your interest and availability, you decide in consultation with us how long you would like to support us.

In short:

If you choose to travel to South Africa to help us in one of our social projects and to help us create new opportunities in the townships, we welcome you with open arms.  


We arrange a total package (tailor made to your needs):

–  Support during the preparation of your trip

–  You will be picked up at the airport.

–  Local introduction program.

–  Accommodation in our safe, clean and basic hospitality guesthouse.

–  Meals.

–  Transport.

–  Excursions in your spare time.

–  Supervision and support by our own team.

For this tailor made package, we ask for a financial contribution, depending on the duration of the trip and your personal plan.
For more detailed information about the various possibilities for volunteerwork, sent your @mail with all your questions to We will sent you all the documentation and answers on your question. You can also call us.