Sisiza-Ukusiza (Pty) Ltd offers accommodation close to the Tsakane / KwaThema township. And from April 2020 Sisiza Ukusiza also offers accommodation in Melville Johannesburg, the vibrant student area. We open our Bed, Book & Breakfast BE MY GUEST ( Both accommodations are used by our regular guests, volunteers, students and tourists. Anyone who wants to participate in township life, or just wants to visit the city of Johannesburg is welcome.

Sisiza-Ukusiza / Melville Bed, Book & Breakfast :

Under our name BE MY GUEST, Bed, Book & Breakfast Sisiza Ukusiza opens a B&B in April 2020 in Melville – Johannesburg, the lively and vibrant student quarter of the city.  This accommodation, is a regular tourist accommodation and is related to the township in Tsakane, and the youth development program. Within this program, the youth of Tsakane / KwaThema will be trained to become professional workers in a tourist industry.

At this time preparations are ready and bedrooms ready to occupy. We will open our doors for our guests and guests can book a room through the regular international booking websites and our website